Application Guidelines

Event Name

The 21st Ishigaki Island Marathon

Sponsored by

Ishigaki City; Ishigaki City Board of Education; Ishigaki Sports Association

Cosponsored by


Managed by

Ishigaki Island Marathon Executive Committee; Yaeyama Athletic Association


Ishigaki Central Sports Park - Athletic Field (Start & Finish Point)


January 21st, 2024 (Sun)

Race Courses and time limit

Full Marathon 6hr30min (3hr15min at midpoint, 5hr50min at 35-km point)

Half Marathon 3hr30min (2hr30min at 17-km point)

10km 1hr30min


  1. Regardless of nationality, the competitor must be in good health and over 16 years of age. (Substitute participation is not allowed.)
  2. Under 18 years old must obtain permission from their guardians to participate.
  3. Participation in wheelchairs is not permitted.
  4. People with disabilities (those who have difficulties running alone) are allowed to have an escort runner; However, guide dogs are not allowed as escorts.
    ※Escort runners need to register separately (please inquire with the organizers)
  5. In order to clarify the self-responsibility that occur in the marathon, participation is limited only to those who agreed to the Terms & Conditions.


-1st, 2nd and 3rd place for Men’s & Women’s, respectively.

-1st, 2nd and 3rd place for Men’s & Women’s Age Groups (teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70 and above)

- All competitors who finish the race within the time limit will receive a Certificate of Completion and a medal.

Race Rules

  1. Always run on the left side of the road. Do not turn on the right side when you come to an intersection. Follow the instructions of the police and the Race Committee Staff.
  2. The Marathon is terminated after the time limit. Competitors are to follow the instructions of the staff and remove their number card.
  3. Competitors may not under any circumstances be assisted by others during the race. Competitors may be suspended from the race in the case that a Race Official or a Doctor deems the competitor unable to continue in the race.
  4. Race Officials may stop a competitor’s participation in the marathon if the competitor significantly interferes with the operation of the race, or if they ignore the instructions of Race Staff.

Competitor’s Obligations

  1. Competitors will participate in the marathon at your own risk, therefore you must always pay attention to your health and be participate in your best physical condition.
  2. Competitors must bring their Number Card Notification to the Registration Area by 6 p.m., on January 20th. At the registration, the Notification will be exchanged for your Number Card upon verification.
  3. Please use the Number Card distributed by the Sponsor.
  4. The Sponsor of this marathon will provide first-aid for injuries that occur during the race; however, please take note that the Sponsor is not responsible for theft or other incidents.
  5. Traffic Restrictions will be cleared after the race time limit. Please remove your number card and exit the race track immediately as roads will be open to traffic.
  6. Please follow the instructions of the Referee or Doctor in the case that they determine that the race can no longer be continued and terminates the marathon.

Terms & Conditions

Competitors must agree to the following Terms & Conditions before applying to enter the race.

  1. Insurance for all competitors is covered the day of the race; however, competitors are responsible for incidents that are inapplicable under this insurance. In regards to incidents such as theft, losses, unforeseen injuries and sicknesses, the Sponsor will not be responsible for any of the above other than providing first-aid treatment.
  2. Competitors may not change their race course once their send out their application.
  3. Fraudulent acts such as using fake names, age, and/or sex, or having a substitute participate is strictly prohibited. If discovered, the competitor will be dismissed from the race.
  4. The application fee will not be refunded if the competitor is unable to participate on the day of race due to 2, 3, natural disasters, inclement weather, or if the competitor cancels participation due to personal circumstances. Excess payment and duplicate payment also will not be refunded.
  5. Videos, photos, news articles as well as other records of the race (name, age, sex, portrait photos and other personal information) will be used and publicized on newspapers, TV, magazines, internet, pamphlets and other forms of media. The Sponsor holds the Publication and Usage Rights for all such material.

Application Fee

Includes Competitor Number Card, Commemorative T-shirt, and Medal of Completion, etc.

General: 8,000yen / age 16-18: 4,000yen

Half marathon
General: 7,000yen / age 16-18: 4,000yen

10 Km course
General: 7,000yen / age 16-18: 4,000yen

Application Rules

  1. Application Period: September 15th(Fri) ~ October 31st(Tue),2023
  2. For those who did not fill out a preference for their T-shirt size, the default is L size.

Application Process

Sep.15th, 2023 Application Period Begins at 0:00 a.m. (Japan Standard Time)
Oct.31st, 2023 Application Period Ends at 11:59 p.m. midnight. (Japan Standard Time)
Middle Jan. Competitor’s Guidelines will be sent out to all applicants
Jan.20th, 2024 Marathon Registration (9 a.m.- 9 p.m. @ Ishigaki City General gymnasium)
※Registrations will not be accepted on the day of the marathon.
Please come the day before the race.
Jan.21st, 2024 6:30~7:00 a.m. Special Sports Drink Pick-up
7:40 a.m. Assembly of all Competitors
7:45 a.m. Opening Ceremony
8:00 a.m. Marathon Begins (also half marathon)
8:40 a.m. 10km course Begins
2:30 p.m. All Marathon Ends

How to Apply